Aligner Marcello Strada photo book device

Aligner Marcello Strada photo book device

Price: 600 EUR

Aligner Marcello Strada photo book device
The device is practically new.

Manufacturer’s description:
Aligner Marcello Strada is an exclusive device for creating photo albums.
Thanks to the extremely precise system, making professional and exclusive photo books is easier and faster than ever before.
The small size of the device and its technical capabilities ensure flexibility and a professional luminaire effect, previously available only with the use of much more expensive solutions.

Device for mounting photo albums „on demand”
Allows binding of photo and digital paper
The luminaire opens flat – at an angle of 180 degrees
Max album size (W x L) 500 x 460 mm
Max. thickness of the luminaire 70 mm
Weight 30kg
Power supply: compressed air 4-8 Bar

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