Collecting line Horizon VAC-1000a + VAC-1000m + ST-40

Collecting line Horizon VAC-1000a + VAC-1000m + ST-40

Price: 20250 EUR

Collecting line Horizon VAC-1000a + VAC-1000m + ST-40
The device is in perfect condition, very low mileage.
Japan production. Production year 2016.
VAC-1000 collecting towers are the latest solution of this manufacturer.
Perfect for collecting calendars or book blocks.
The machine can be expanded with a stitching and folding aggregate and a cutting module.

Horizon VAC-1000A / VAC-1000M
Max format: 350x500mm
Min format: 120x148mm
Max speed: 9900 kpl / h
Vacuum-air extraction
10 shelves +10 shelves
stack height 55mm
weight 40-350g
230V power supply
weight 310kg / pcs
The towers are the latest generation with new compressors (large box), a new type of photocells, a new remote control

ST-40 – sheet collector
the machine puts the collected sets on an even pile or with offset (for easier processing later)
The pile of material is put on a convenient trolley which we can leave the machine for further processing.
The device can work in on-line or off-line mode.
The packet counter allows you to determine the number of collected sets.

Control from the touch screen, color display and via a wireless remote control.
Sensor jam, double pass, no pass
Possibility of saving 9 permanent jobs to the machine’s memory

– Double cycle program
It enables authentic non-stop operation if only a maximum of half of the towers are available.
– Insertion program
Allows you to enter single or double separators after a specified number of sheet sets.
– Block program
Enables block grouping of collected sheet sets.
The towers have additional EAB-1000 compressors (2 pcs)


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