Eurofold Touchline CF-375 automatic creasing and folding machine

Eurofold Touchline CF-375 automatic creasing and folding machine

Price: 8000 EUR

Eurofold Touchline CF-375 automatic creasing and folding machine
Purchased from a small digital printing house.
It is the most efficient creasing and folding system on the market, solid construction.
Production Switzerland.
Year of production 2015.
Vacuum feeding from the top, from a high stack.
Built-in compressor for feeding sheets.
Control from a touch color monitor.

Technical data:
Max sheet size: 375 x 660 mm
Min sheet size: 105 x 148 mm
Max speed (for A4 format): 6000 sheets/h
Material weight: 100-400 GSM
Max number of bigs on a sheet: 20
Distance from the next biga: 30 mm
Setting accuracy: 0.1 mm
Stack height: 180 mm
Power supply: 230 V
Weight: 196 kg
Device dimensions: 1.86 x 0.6 x 1.3 m
Manufacturer’s description:
The Touchline series offers greater versatility and a higher level of automation than other products in its class. The Foldmaster Touchline CF-375 model is an integrated creasing and folding system that combines both operations in one process. It uses a unique solution that allows creasing without cracking the printed surface.
The Touchline CF-375 creasing device uses a creasing beam patented by Foldmaster Swing-Bar™, which prevents paper fibers from breaking. The folding section is equipped with a Foldmaster Pro-Knife™ folding knife. It provides excellent handling of the folding process, even when processing thick papers. The device can process up to 6,000 A4 sheets per hour. The Touchline CF-375 creasing and folding machine is equipped with 2 receiving trays. Creased and broken works are placed on the upper tray, only creasing works are placed on the lower tray.
Automatic creasing and folding process = faster order processing
Fast and simple programming = time saving
Vacuum removal of sheets, precise separation = properly finished work, without scratches
Detection of double picks using ultrasound = maintaining production continuity and eliminating incorrectly picked sheets
Up to 20 creases on a sheet = ability to perform various types of work

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