FKS PrintJog JL400 air jogger

FKS PrintJog JL400 air jogger

Price: 1500 EUR

FKS PrintJog JL400 air jogger
Japanese-made machine, in perfect condition, a similar product is the Duplo UJ-500AS shaker
Simple operation, foot control, adjustable vibration time.
Compressor for blowing sheets with adjustable blow force.
Adjustable tilt angle.

Technical data:
Format max 320x450mm
Stack height 90 mm
Weight 35kg
Power supply 230V
The device is mounted on wheels for easy movement.
Manufacturer’s description
The JL400 air shaker complements printing and bookbinding devices and maximizes the efficiency of shaking and leveling paper placed in collectors, folding machines, guillotines and other devices. The most efficient in this class of devices, the powerful air flow used in the JL400 model reliably evens out uneven stacks of paper while preventing marks on the sheets.
Applications: Leveling a stack of sheets after printing, before collecting, cutting, folding, sheet retrieving.
The most important features of the device:
Paper size: 125 x 176 mm to 320×450 mm
Grader tray depth: 90 cm
Paper capacity: 500 sheets of 80 g/m2 paper
Quick shaking and careful leveling

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