Folder gluer Versor Sk 75 k3

Folder gluer Versor Sk 75 k3

Price: 24000 EUR

Folder gluer Versor Sk 75 k3

Working width 750
Year of production 2005
The device is fully operational, it has been little used.
The SK 75 series machines are used for gluing cardboard boxes of the following types:

– standard folding carton
– cardboard box with folded sides
– folding carton with an automatic (cross) bottom
– folded cardboard with 4 glue points
– folded cardboard box with 4 gluing points, closed

The glued packaging can be used for: washing powders, tea, cocoa, medicines, cleaning agents, cosmetics, shoes, etc. All SK series machines are equipped with independent, smooth control of the work of three cooperating elements:

– feeder
– main element – breaking, applying glue, folding and lining the glued cardboard
The electronic system of the machine, built on the basis of the INTEL microprocessor, is characterized by high operational reliability and low maintenance requirements


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