Folding machine GUK K50 / 6/1 / FL 2-50

Folding machine GUK K50 / 6/1 / FL 2-50

Price: 12380 EUR

Folding machine GUK K50 / 6/1 / FL 2-50
The machine is in perfect condition, ready for production.
Format: 500x700mm.
Folding speed: 30-160m / min

6 parallel cassettes.
1 cross knife.
The first cassette is elongated.
Adjustments of the cassettes on the „clocks”.
Smooth speed control from the desktop.
Counter with packet function and folding speed indicator.
Rietschle compressor.
Flip-up soundproofing hood.
Tool roller for mounting tools, i.e. perforation, creasing, cutting.
Feeder FL2-50 with a suction head
Mobile standing delivery with smooth speed control GUK S-520
Full documentation with CE certificate.


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