Gluing machine 500H for cold and hot glue

Gluing machine 500H for cold and hot glue

Price: 1550 EUR

Gluing machine 500H for cold and hot glue

A device for laminating with hot glue or cold glue – the surface application of glue on paper, cardboard, plastics, leather. Thanks to the smooth speed control of the glue rollers, the operator individually adjusts the laminating speed to his capabilities and technological requirements.

The machine has been designed in such a way that it is not necessary to disassemble the rollers for cleaning after finishing work, which significantly shortens and facilitates the preparation of the machine for work.

Gluing machine 500H is equipped with a glue heating system placed in a cuvette with a water jacket. This system allows the glue to be evenly heated and prevents it from burning.

Hot glue is especially recommended for covering with glue materials that require glues with a lower water content in their composition.

MODEL: 500 H Lidograf
Roller length (laminating width): 485 mm
Laminating speed: 0 ÷ 14 m / min
Warm-up time (standby): 30 min
Glue cuvette capacity: 4 L.
Power: 1800 W
Power supply: 230V
Weight: 88 kg (without glue and water)


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