HANG 107-30 paper drill

HANG 107-30 paper drill

Price: 3570 EUR

HANG 107-30 paper drill
The device is in very good condition, 100% functional.
The highest class of machines among drills.
This is a currently produced model.
The drill table is adjustable in every plane.
Waste directed to an external container.
Controlled by an electric foot switch.
Each of the heads has an independent adjustment which allows the use of drills of different lengths.
The only model that has such a deep charge from the drill bits to the front stop, about 30 cm.
Drills speed control on inverter, electronic display to show current speed
Independently controlled speed of lifting the table, also on a separate inverter.
Each of the heads has drill cooling and lubrication.

Technical data:
number of drilling heads: 4
drill bit diameter: 3-10mm
stack height: 65mm
drill bit spacing: 36mm / max260mm
drill speed: adjustable
Table lifting speed: adjustable
table dimensions: 600x480mm
Power supply: 400V
Weight: 400 kg
The machine has documentation, tools for operation, drills.


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