Horizon BQ-270 perfect binder

Horizon BQ-270 perfect binder

Price: 10000 EUR

Horizon BQ-270 perfect binder
The machine is in very good shape
Ready for work.
Only 300,000 books made.

Manufacturer’s description:
Professional perfect binder for perfect and fast jobs. Fully automatic perfect bindiong machine with an extremely stable type of construction, equipped with a hot glue tank, also effective for small and big quantities of books. The Horizon BQ-270 binder is a single-clamp automatic, with cover feeding machine that, when operated by one person, delivers impeccably bound books of consistently high quality. Standard equipped with a scanner for measuring the thickness of the inserts allows you to glue books in the „on demand” technology

It glue books with a thickness of 0.5 to 50 mm and spine length from 135 to 320 mm with a maximum number of copies up to 500 books / hour.
Factory built-in milling cutter with additional cutting knives and cleaning brushes.
Maximum milling depth up to 3 mm.
Automatic cover feeding by means of a suction drum with a certain, fixed position relative to the bound sheets.
Factory built-in installation that creates 4-fold creases on the cover, which is set automatically with an exact fit. As an option, mounting 6 creases for gluing books with tabs

The set includes documentation, spare parts, glue.


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