Ideal 7228-95 EC3 paper cutting guillotine

Ideal 7228-95 EC3 paper cutting guillotine

Price: 4760 EUR

Ideal 7228-95 EC3 paper cutting guillotine

The machine has a cutting width of 720 mm, stack height of 80 mm, is equipped with an EC3 programmer and SICK photo barriers. The set includes a pressure strip, a spare knife, a new column, operating tools, documentation, a paper stack tapping block, and elements for replacing the knife.

Precise description:
– electromechanical knife drive
– electromechanical pressure
– illuminated cutting line
– mechanical foot pedal for pressure measurement
– rear saddle driven by a stepper motor, large range of rotational adjustment
– solid knife beam, heat-treated
– blade made of high-quality HSS steel
– convenient adjustment of cutting depth
– pressure force adjustment
EC3 control module:
– saving individual cutting steps into programs
– keyboard for programming dimensions consisting of 10 keys
– electronic, digital display with an accuracy of 1/10 mm
– electronic knob with smooth rotation adjustment allowing for precise positioning of the saddle
– „Forward” and „Back” buttons to quickly move the saddle
– “ejection” function of already cut material
– calculator function

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