Matrix MX 370P semi-automatic laminating machine with sleeking

Matrix MX 370P semi-automatic laminating machine with sleeking

Price: 6700 EUR

Matrix MX 370P semi-automatic laminating machine with sleeking
The machine is fully functional and in great condition.
The set with the machine includes: laminating foil, gilding foil, compressor, machine cover, tools, and user manual.
MATRIX is a semi-automatic hot laminating machine with a built-in sheet separator.
A device designed for laminating digital or offset prints in low and medium quantities.
It can be operated by one operator at a speed of up to 10 m/min.
Additional advantages: quiet operation and small space required in the printing house.
Key features of the device:
Semi-automatic operating mode (the operator feeds the sheets onto the table, the next cycle runs automatically)
A multi-level, adjustable system of anti-curling rollers that straightens the sheets
Built-in automatic sheet separator
The device is suitable for both digital and offset printing
Quick format changes and easy replacement of foil rolls (3000m rolls)
Device duty cycle:
Using the programmer, it is possible to adjust the speed, overlap length and temperature
The operator feeds the sheets manually
The sheets are taken automatically by the rollers according to the set overlap
Ready, separated sheets are delivered to the receiving tray
Maximum foil width 340 mm
Maximum paper width 370mm
Minimum paper size 200 x 300 mm
Laminating speed up to 10 meters per minute
Front table dimensions 668 x 542mm
Paper weights 115-350 g/m2
Temperature 80 – 130 °C
Warm-up time 10-15 minutes
Dimensions 1800 mm x 800 mm x 1400 mm
Power consumption 2.2kW
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
Weight with base 280 kg

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