Minipack Torre Mailbag

Minipack Torre Mailbag

Price: 2380 EUR

Minipack Torre Mailbag Bag sealing machine
The device is operational, ready for production, in perfect condition.
The photos show the product for sale.
Production Italy.

Manufacturer’s description:
Mailbag is a digital compact system for packaging in plastic bags, ideal for packaging brochures, newspapers, books. Single phase (no air) power is easy to use with wheels fitted, the system can be easily moved from one location to another with minimal fuss.

The product, e.g. a magazine inserted into the feeder, initiates the photocell, detects the package and moves the foil and the product to the closing system. The combination of transverse and longitudinal seals closes the package and also creates a seal for the next product.

The finished package gently falls onto the conveyor belt.

Technical data:
Production speeds, depending on package and film dimensions (up to 1200 pph)
Min. package width 160 mm
Maximum parcel width 250 mm
Min. package length 100 mm
Maximum package length 360 mm
The maximum film thickness is 30 microns
Machine dimensions 600mm x 840mm x 1050mm
Weight 144 kg
230V power supply
Power consumption 0.6 kW

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