Perfect binder Fastbind Elite XT

Perfect binder Fastbind Elite XT

Price: 2600 EUR

Perfect binder Fastbind Elite XT
The machine in perfect visual and technical condition – comes from the showroom.
The ability to glue hard and soft covers also blocks.
The machine is equipped with milling section.
Ideally suited for photobooks.
Original product- Made in Finland
Set of tools for a hard cover as well as a set for a soft cover binding.

Technical capabilities of the machine: up to 450 cycles/h
Efficiency: books / hour up to 180
Min. / Max. Binding thickness 0.1-50 mm
Max. the length of the glued ridge 455 mm
Max. cover thickness 400 g / m²
Voltage 220-240 V
Machine dimensions (width / length / height) 1050 x 520 x 570 mm
Weight 70 kg


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