Roll laminator GMP Excelam Plus 655 RM

Roll laminator GMP Excelam Plus 655 RM

Price: 1200 EUR

Roll laminator GMP Excelam Plus 655 RM
The device is in very good condition, ready for production,
This is a high quality machine made in Korea.

The GMP Excelam laminator is a professional roll laminator with a working width of 655 mm. The laminator we offer is an ideal device for a small printing company, advertising agency or office.
This device gives us the ability to laminate various materials thanks to the independent heating control of the upper and lower roller. Electronic control of the lamination process and two operating modes, manual and automatic, make working on this machine easy and pleasant, and the laminations are always of the highest quality.
The laminator gives you the option of one- or two-sided lamination.
The equipment includes a foil for lamination

Technical parameters:
– maximum lamination width: 655 mm
– film thickness: 32-250 micro
– lamination speed: 3m/min
– clamping force setting: manual
– temperature setting: digital
– power supply: 230V
– power: 2000W

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