Stago HM6 stapler

Stago HM6 stapler

Price: 950 EUR

Stago HM6 stapler
The device is 100% efficient.
Zero signs of use.
Showroom version, used for shows.
The Stago HM6 stapler is a modern, efficient, stapling machine. It performs standard and eyelet stitching and block stapling up to 60 sheets of paper.

does not require any maintenance adjustments,
very durable stitching head,
high capacity of the staple magazine (300 ÷ 400 staples depending on the type),
great stapling depth,
flat staple closure
Technical data:
230V power supply
Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 450 / 620 / 400 mm
Staple types 24/6-8, 26/6-8, R24/6-8, R26/6

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