Ram punch Lombardi LH-15 label die cutter

Ram punch Lombardi LH-15 label die cutter

Price: 6700 EUR

Ram punch Lombardi LH-15 label die cutter
Professional machine made in Italy.
Lombardi is a world leader in the production of label die-cutting machines.
Very good condition, after inspection.
The machine is 100% operational, ready for production.
This is the model currently in production.
Technical data:
Max. cutout format 150x150mm
Minimum cutout size 15x15mm
Max. die assembly format 200x200mm
Piston stroke 0-200mm
Number of cycles 20/min
Productivity 900,000 sheets/h
Engine power 4kW
Weight 700kg
The machine has a quick-acting hydraulic unit.
Photo security barriers.
The feeding table is adjustable in every plane.
Two operating modes: semi-automatic, manual.

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